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Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Its colonial core centers on the Padang, a cricket field since the 1830s and now flanked by grand buildings such as City Hall, with its 18 Corinthian columns.

Among the most favored places of international students worldwide, studying abroad in Singapore is probably one of your study destination goals, too! Here's a quick yet detailed guide to the country, what to expect and what not to expect - as well as the top universities and how they stack up against the top institutions in the world. Singapore is known for being a developed country with leaning skyscrapers and diverse communities despite its young status. As Southeast Asia's most modern city for over a century, the island is also home to various cultures living within it. There is a very diverse way of life with people speaking many languages and practicing different culture. Such wide range of culture makes the country very accepting of others turning it into the perfect study destination for students from all parts the world.

Why should you choose to immigrate to Singapore?

  1. Best Education System
  2. Top Notch Facilities and educational environment
  3. Internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs
  4. Safe, Diverse and vibrant country
  5. Strategic location in SEA
  6. With or Without IELTS

As a country, Singapore is known for its diverse, beautiful and vibrant place to live, but did you know that it also excels in terms of safety? Singapore was named as one of the world's safest cities. This makes it a perfect place for students who are usually also the curious wanderers in a foreign country. Singapore is considered to have one of the best education systems in the world. Getting an education here is a ticket to a brighter future. By focusing on the importance of education innovation, Singapore is currently a rising star in the international higher education. This gives you a chance to earn an internationally-recognized degree at affordable costs. Also, thanks to the facilities and educational environment, universities and colleges in Singapore are among the best in the world.

About Singapore Education System

Singapore boasts of premium institutions and globally-renowned universities, recognized for state-of-the-art academics, distinguished faculty members, and cutting-edge infrastructure that provide scope for higher education. In context of innovation and competitiveness, Singapore's education system is strengthening its position in the global market, gaining recognition from across the world.

Universities and Colleges we represent:-

  • Lasalle College of the Arts
  • Dimensions International College
  • BMC International College
  • American College